Work Outside the Box

Ideas, concepts, creativity comes in a box, let’s bust it.


Someone said ‘Work outside the box, Think outside the box’ I wonder what the hell is the box, why I am even thinking of the box, why inside the box, why outside the box, I don’t even know where the box is. Compel yourself without the box. Think of exploring things when we fail to see the solutions outside the status quo.

When we think about concepts and creativity, we often come back to the idea of someone generating world-shattering ideas which have never been seen. Foster creativity to build new perceptions of looking things. Every single person has the capacity to conceptualize innovative and new perspectives with full responsibility to develop a revolutionary new concept to work on.

Foster expansive thinking and working ask a lot to the environment. The imaginative place where you yield yourself a chance to bounce ideas off each other. The place where you feel your ideas your making matters, you are investing in the ultimate outcome.

It’s a circle of mind where ‘Ideas meet concepts, concepts meet creativity and creativity rejoin Ideas’. Thrust your creative thinking in some ways:

  • Free Mind: Constant activities leads to a blockage of mind. Need to take a break and breath like your boss have to act as your boss but actually, he is entirely funny and friendly. Feel free to do mistakes, you can always polish it and get something down. Give yourself some time to space out.


  • Bunch of normal ideas: No idea is big or small, no idea is unique, It’s all new to you and how you are capable of molding it. Just a way how you have a bunch of ideas and mold it in your way of living that blown up at bestow.
  • Boredom:  Losing yourself in daydreaming to create thoughts and imaging situations. Daydreaming and tediousness is the process to promote the higher level of working and ability to enhance the creativity and idea generation. Aid to think in depth without pressure or burden at disposition.
  • Humor: Our working style, our thought level depends on our mood situation. The only difference is some are meant to forget, some are meant to implement and some are left as ridiculous. Humorous ideas do not have a set of pattern, we made them as of it. Nowadays, people look out for appealing humor in range of activities.

What do you think…



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