The Psychology says ‘Fun at your workplace could lead to a great productivity’. Once your workplace becomes an amusing place, you are more viable in more creative ways. Gossiping, partying, thinking about styling, dressing up, food, games etc. are the stuff that totally blown away into a finished object.

You spend your 60% of the time with your colleagues or co-workers, good to make your competitor a friend for full of trivial conversations. The person you compete with is the person who could also help you in need of work, no matter how you compete in your professionalism but if you connect at the certain level, you can be friends.

His imaginations sparked by probing how it could be useful in the workplace.

  • You are working on something and unable to think of an appropriate word, your colleague friend certainly evident in the way within seconds and you fairly amazed ‘yay this is it’.
  • At lunchtime, your boring food could be awesome just on account of your colleague’s small pickle made by her mom.
  • You are pretty much impressed with the fragrance of your female colleague that you feel reverent and fresh.Every person has a different thought and ideas in the workplace, once those ideas and thoughts mingle with each other, being marked by a favorable outcome.

    LOOK BEYOND in high definition…



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