Last Night Dream

She is no stranger to death but that doesn’t mean she never wanna talk about it. Once in a day for remembrance, she asked herself to write letters to him. Where she fold them up and scatter them throughout the cemetery. She usually thinks why she is doing so? doesn’t see the point in it.
Why write to the dead?
She’d rather not think about it at all. Except lately, when memories keep knocking her door. Today, she messed up, bad. She messed up in ways that if he would here, he’d be so disappointed in her. She is not sure how to fix it.
But it is true she is gonna do better. Today, she saw a glimpse of what loneliness feels like. Of what lies in store for her if she doesn’t find her own peace. So, she’s gonna get to work on that.

It’s hard to lose every time “talking to her Dad”.

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