“She sat for a while ‘I want to obscure my reflection once again’ her lips quivered.”

“She has a great laugh,” she said while she saw herself in the reflection of a full-length mirror on the opposite wall. She dwells about her morning’s dream where she mechanically laughs to make someone laugh

She has a bad habit of laughing in serious situations, handle it with aplomb, never waits for the right situation to make it happen. Everything is just as easy for her, not to get affected by anything. She has never been able to bring herself to see the dark shadowy figure of people around her. And this identity of hers affecting them. She thinks laughter can open us to the world, we just need to be willing to do it. It brings us love, friendships, connections, health, and fun of course.

We can choose our actions and situations as per own. We are not supposed to be here to suffer and to fear. We are here to face the troubles and challenges that is indisputable, yet we can rise again and again with love, support, and tenacity. No need to feel apprehensive about unfamiliar things.

She builds her daily rewards and encouragement through her laughter to feel relax, celebrates each practice, each smile, and the deep breath, each chuckle, and laugh. Her laugh brings a gust of cold wind resulting goosebumps, everyone trying to connect to that primary identity of hers. But what matter is with whom she wants to connect her soul and body. The curves and bends of her body that can be traced by his breath, the inner linings, and folds of her skin. The words she can’t escape from. The gaze moves down to her neck and she could feel his hot breath there. The arms clasp firmly around her waist, which she can’t deny feeling.

“NOt everytime we step back is we lose”

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