City Girl

The dream, that same dream again, but this time she was trembling more than ever. Her heart was about to burst. She had beads of sweat on her face and body. She felt as she had temperature or something, something just doesn’t feel right that day.

The story follows the long route she took for every path she wanted to pursue instead of shortcuts. She planned the route accordingly like how it would be, all exceptionally distinct, she followed the treasure hunt. And, as you might expect — nothing goes according to plan.

Her stress and anxiety were deepened by the raising uncertainty, unpredictability, and complications for her career,, especially over the few years. She was stuck, frozen and paralyzed by the chaos in her life. She was just walking over the paths came in front of her. She stood still, analyzing her life, overthinking about so many aspects and various life paths over which she walked. That might be a scary picture for her, each path looked worse than the other, all hopeless.

She never dreamt of work hard, save money, buy a house, getting married and live happily ever after. That formula is out of her mind to ever think about it. She meant “she wanted to work hard but to get tired, she wanted to save money but to travel, she wanted to buy a house but for her mother, she wanted to get married but as per her own mood not for the society” that seem all great and she felt as though she was meant to do more.

One day, she took an unexpected decision to move her city with all over her shoulders. That was an unpredictable path, which led her towards a life purpose that was neither grand nor perfect but seemed to fit and it discovered by chance.
She felt alive again with her stagnant soul despite all the uncertainty around her, she was breathing in fresh air, she put herself on a new journey. She began the new life, changed through that one single unexpected route.

As a result, She is currently in the middle of a major life change, going from a twenty-four-year corporate career to being an author, writer, an influencer, an idol of course whom people admire. While she is not sure how the next few years will go, but she is now open to many new possibilities, tries new things, does new things, and yes, at last, she is a FREE SOUL.

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