Unseen Prison

She walks into a sea of people
looks at the stones
breath with no fear

She is a bird-understander
Better than she could ever be
Like she is about to write,
Languages which feel possibly distinct
She makes herself terribly,
Terribly sad.
For many reasons,
She loves, so she lives.
The way she writes, she can tell herself
Everything will be alright.
She is on the path of creating herself
With no one.
to be free
from her unseen prison.
She traces the scars
Are deep
Indelible and weak.
She waits
to make herself sane again.
The stolen moments,
the good times,
she reminisced.
She felt her heart racing out of her chest.
Looking out from her unseen prison,
She’ll be free one day…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sakshi says:

    Love it ♥️


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