Inside ‘Her’
Dissimilar, what her heart knows…

For her, faithfulness and unfailing love are indeed rare. In her wanderlust and relentless, in that twin flame, she found someone. Since the first year with him, hope resides in her, he… dwells in her. But more than this, she saw the magnificence of her own soul for the very first time and she doesn’t want to be enough then n so… He was not just an accident, but a destiny himself.

Many years they spent together amorously where she felt her soul loved by him. Every part of her heart knew it was possible, she is not just enough but more than that. Her love was so intense from the beginning she met him. Something to tide inside her. She began dropping for him steadily, and so similar he does but less than her. He tried to fill the space in her life, he toiled beyond his own capacity but again less than her. She knew somewhere, that’s not for eternity and when the day will come she have to infuse her mind with reality.
And the day had arrived when he failed her. She always forgives him for all his mistakes and lies, and all because she thought he would have realized his mistakes one day. She ebbs away with the actual utter truth. She ripples on and on with the flow, covering all the earth surface, helping herself to mend and inspire in her path. She has to choose a pathway for her life.
Choosing to live in the present day, she only knew that love becomes a small word, she felt more than that. With all the pain and joy together, she slew memories for forever. That ‘less than her’ becoming ‘few of her’ or merely when ‘he needs her’. She was matured enough to recognize his energy, reflection and image within her; and this in turn brought about the recognition of her own wholeness, as well as of their inner blend.

She brings into being dissolving inside her. And, on the spur of the moment, she lost something so precious to her, which she can’t rebuild in her life. That moment, she wanted him to hold her, but he didn’t. Since then, she tightly packed the door inside her. She would have thought, whatever it is, he’ll be there for her when she needs him the most but she was wrong. Her awakened self-knows this is not true and when she rests in her Heart and Being, the whole concept of ‘not being enough’ sounds unearthly. Before she left, she offered herself big sigh and tears of relief.
She stops chasing her past anymore or her heart. She only believes the beauty of his existence in her soul which allows her to live in the present. Nowadays, her heart is no longer wait for another moment. Life never takes a halt for someone or something, it always keeps on going in a much prettier way than before. She laughs, she lives and she enjoys the change.

Love and feel of your soul on every path!

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