Nightmares ‘unusual for her’

Tanacloud2She rarely dreams because she rarely sleeps.
Dreams are not meant for her while she sleeps, she dreams with open eyes. If she sleeps, nightmares knock her door. A dreamer, so belligerent to keep her boundaries separate from dreams and nightmares.
She has experienced a lot of stress lately. Might have the reason on and off for her nightmares. She is sitting up and screaming, she is already aroused and coming out of dream sleep, That’s one reason why she remembers her nightmares more clearly than other types of dreams. She usually considers taking a nice hot bath to relax her nerves prior to go to the bed. The more relaxed she is when she falls asleep, the less likely she is to have weird dreams.
But time never remains the same. She started having lot more nightmares day by day and getting scared of those as if they came to destroy her dreams which is unacceptable to her in any way. Nightmares become the reason for her sadness, guilt, and confusion rather than fear. They tend to be more negative for her, who act out as the violent dreams by kicking and screaming from her brain. A lot of problems comes in her way. The work she wanted to do for herself for her career, become so tough to clear the road.  She started losing herself in it again n again. She almost stops dreaming, sadly…!! Because, they become scary nightmares for her rather than beautiful and aggressive dreams. But, again, She is relentless, flawless, can’t accept the fact change of time. She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails. She again starts dreaming, she starts fighting with her nightmares, she starts sleeping and this is all because of her confidence and sturdy in herself which is actually in her soul. She has faith to win over those nightmares.

Discover the depths of your dreams, day and night.


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