Every Single Moment

man-at-sunset-beach-1391427The first appearance of unveiling moments:
Before career, before relationships, before being alcoholic- capture all moments of life. Be a grown adult who makes a fool out of herself and still is able to espouse every single mood of her and embrace it.
Don’t give her love that’s subtle. She always loves too hard, or not at all. If you want her, come rough-and-tumble, with guns blazing, with your knives and cut her deeply. Timidity bores her, and anything ordinary must be meant for someone else, not her. She wants something like seething lightning and passion that’s borderline violent. She still remembers being surly and walking away from her own body. Her heart is black, her eyes are wide but she smiles as much as she wants and she makes people laugh that encumber her.
Every hello, every goodbye and everything in between can be fraught with love. You are not promised anything, you can’t impetus on one single moment more other than the one you are in. That’s it!
Look for all the small sonorous things you “always” do and remember, just do them. It has and always will be your choice of the direction your life takes. Every single moment to dint a positive higher thought, feeling, and reaction. No matter what experience you may be having, but it’s you to decide what you want to focus on within that experience to rapt.
For every single moment, you have a choice to make. Be sentient of your thought and create an optimistic vibration for your present and future waves. She can honestly say that she enjoyed every single moment and look back on that day with nothing but the happiest memories & feelings of how everything went. She did just that, Embrace every moment with positive vibrations. She certainly knows, she has a long way to go and surely there are so many moments she has managed to miss but still, she stands out in every way.

‘Feel the good, the bad, the inspiring, the beautiful, and not so good moments and be thankful for all’.



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