Words are Beautiful


A happy soul spreads happiness everywhere. She was like one kind.
A few years ago, she doesn’t even understand the essence of words.
She was a bird without fear who only knows how to fly and impel herself towards her goal.
She knows how to move through the gale.
She always remains intrigued to learn.
She raves for the latitude for herself by her ways.
She was not strong enough to resist the loss of her life at the same time count by count.
But, she besieges her time, vacates the grounds and loses herself in it.
She turns into a new phase with wistful eyes, where she missed herself the most.
She is struggling with herself to be found.
She plumbs her personality, a spontaneous nature like always.
And, she grove, discover herself in words, where she’s able to explain her feelings about her inner world.
She ripples across the minds, across the streets.
She has different shades of the smile, creating a beautiful and chaotic scene everytime that you catch yourself falling into the mesmerizing sight that is her smile.
Find a joy in her words, a little thought of the day.
Take a step back and notice the alacrity for her life.
Now, she can’t even imagine her world without words.
She catches the beauty and complete joy in words and writing them into living.


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