She saw you, lurking out of a window like a shadow
She saw you, looking distant and dreamily at the lights out,
all of a sudden,
She started missing Delhi’s winter, i.e.,’YOU’
thinking about everything and nothing
at the same time
She saw you, shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head.
She saw out, too tired to explain the feeling to the people
that her silence did not mean her sadness,
It’s that she is missing something deeply.
She saw out of the window dreaming about those days
when she relished every moment on a cold winter evening.
She spends her mornings like a wrapped ‘kind of bedding
similar to a duvet which usually has a cotton,
silk or velvet cover and stuffed with cotton wool’
All the old notes have come back…
She likes ‘YOU’
—As the winter moves on, she has her work cut out for herself—

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